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We provide class guides, leveling guides, zeny guides, tips & tricks, to ensure that we cover all your questions about Ragnarok Online!


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The Tier List

We recommend new players to check out RO Buddy’s Tier List in order to get an idea on what class to make before starting your adventure!

Class Guides

We provide class guides that cover different builds. For example: A Monk can be built in several ways; Combo, Spirit or PvP-Oriented. Our guides provide detailed stat & skill builds as well as an equipment guide. We also provide leveling advice for each class guide.

Money & Zeny Making Guides

No worries! We probvide complete money making strategies and zeny guides for you to fund your Ragnarok Online Career!

(And no… we do not sell eBooks, they’re kind of scammy)

Leveling Spots & Guide

We also provide a comprehensive leveling guide complete with gear suggestions, loot review as well as details on each type of playstyle is best fit for the leveling spot. We provide as much details as possible for all types of builds to help them achieve Lv99!